Rock It Science Laboratories levels up again with their 2nd release of 2012: Roy Davis Jr & Bear Who?’s Automatic Principles. All mixes play off of Bear’s inventive B-Boy style hip house vocals, with Roy leading the way with two fantastic takes. His “Autoelectrik Speaker Killa Mix” goes straight for the big floors with huge bottom-heavy electro synths over drums reminiscent of his release on Thomas Bangaltar’s Roule. His house mix is straight up classic Chicago house, masterfully weaving together a tapestry of samples. Leonardus cranks the filter disco goodness vibe up to 11. His Majesty Andre departs from his norm, developing a spacious sound scape with shuffled percussion and dark gritty tech house synths. DJ Gant-man busts out a slowed down juke groove clearly made for the ladies. Finally Eric Sharp takes us back to the ‘90s with a speed garage remix replete with big open hi-hats, warbling bass and energetic horn stabs.

Très bon Ep de chez Rock It Science Laboratories, Roy Davis Jr et Bear Who? s’associent pour mélanger le côté Hip-hop housy de Bear, amené au dancefloor par Roy. A noter les deux excellent remixs par His Majesty Andre et Eric Sharp.

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