Filewile, c’est 5 suisses. Mais pour eux pas question d’être au ralenti. Donc un EP fort sympathique, tout en douceur pour le début comme la fin de soirée.

Before dropping their new long player, Filewile bless us with a gem of an EP: The Number One Kid mixes take you on a ride through soul caressing Bass music, twisted Hip Hop and straight out partying. The new Filewile sound is clearly inspirational – rarely have four producers made so muchout of the one and same tune!


Filewile – Number One Kid
Filewile – Number One Kid (Mercury Remix)


A1 Original
Picture one of them pimped up 70’s cars bouncing down the hot inner city street, seemingly pushed along on nothing but the bass pounding from it’s speakers. The tune blastin’ is Number One Kid and the kids one the streets are all out shaking, breakin’ and poppin’ to the dubbed out Hip Hop Soul Sound that is Filewile. One tune this! It won’t leave once its in your head and you probably won’t mind.

A2 Robot Koch Remix
People! – Take your time to listen to this handclapping Electro Space Breaker and let it lift you up on a bass and carry you off into the early hours. This is awfully deep and soulful music – put it on rewind and never sleep again. Beautiful.

A3 Algorythm & Blues Remix
One heavy twisted Hip Hop Electronica Version of Number One Kid by Mexican Producer Alvaro Ruiz who recently smashed it accross Europe and the States with his « Cute Ass Algorithm » release on Mouthwatering Records. Shake a leg and bounce to this!

B1 Ramax Remix
Deep funky Garage House with an Acid twist – bound to move any floor. The city of Bern is waking up to a new wave of homegrown class A house producers – Ramax is one of them. The superb production quality and the incredible drive in this tune makes you wanna freak out on the dancefloor right here, right now. Tune!

B2 Mercury Remix
One for the late hours. Darkish Techno House with a wicked tension build on a rather classic break with a killer return half way. Rave material – certain DJ’s couldn’t wait to give this a spin!