Producer, vocalist, DJ, pin-up model for, and former Stringfellows dancer, Odissi has no shame in admitting that she’s made her mark on the scene by moulding her image from an unusual combination of undeniable talent and unshakeable controversy. While her raunchy photoshoots, habits for turning up to gigs in her underwear, and shameless blogging of her weekend debauchery never fails to raise a few eyebrows, her signature electro-punk vocal style and polished production skills have landed her a multitude of collaborations with some of the biggest names in dance music, and has seen her name splashed across over 50 releases on some of the scene’s most prestigious record labels.


Odissi – Empty Vodka Bottles (Original Mix)
Odissi – Empty Vodka Bottles (Pyramid Remix)
Odissi – Empty Vodka Bottles (Jon Gurd Remix)
Odissi – Empty Vodka Bottles (Kid Blue Remix)