Pour moi l’un des meilleur producteurs du moment, Robert Boogert envoi lourd dans le funky bass.


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Soul P. – Hear My Cry (Liquid Assets)
Dilated Peoples – You Can’t Run, You Can’t Hide (20/20)
Jacob London – The Pony Magic Never Ends (Utensil Recordings)
Giom – Make Me (Drop Music)
Dom Martin – Weapon (Robert Boogert Unofficial Remix) (CDR)
Robert Boogert – Snip It (Jack Union)
Robert Boogert – Talkin’ Bout (Jack Union)
Robert Boogert – Kung Fu (Jack Union)
Skitzofrenix & Jeff Doubleu – Highest Grade (Jack Union)
Brabe – Generating Sult (Self-Release)
Trevor Loveys – I Believe (Jack Union)
Kimba – Bump (Jack Union)
Inland Knights – Didn’t Have None Of These (Drop Music)
Old Soul – Bazic (Jack Union)
Luca M – Durdulie (Cimelde)
Robert Boogert – It’s A Party Night (Jack Union)
Tom EQ – Shake (Jack Union)
Julien Chaptal – Pump (Remote Area Records)
Kissy Sellout – Homesick(Hijack Remix)
Robert Boogert – Swingers (Jack Union)
Robert Boogert – Throw Up (Jack Union)
DJ Falcon – Untitled (Hijack Remix) (San City High Records)
Kyle Watson – I Don’t Mind (Rising Music)
Mowgli – I Want Everything (Deadfish)
Slum Village – Forth & Back (Capital Records)